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Enhancing your human skills.

International recruitment agency & senior coaching.

Since 2012, The H Factor has been working side by side with innovative companies including startups, SME’s and newly created branches of international corporations on maximizing and realizing their human potential to ultimately reach success.

We believe that people are the true power of any organization. To unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable development, companies must smartly leverage the human factor.

Your team is your most valuable asset. Their aggregated knowledge and skills, combined with their mindset and their willingness to grow, represent the fuel that drives your business engine. Your team also determines your customer experience. This is why your organization needs to create and nurture an environment which enables to free up your team’s talent.

From tailored-made recruitment solutions to organizational coaching and the creation of unique and engaging experiences through innovative corporate events, we strive to become your best ally to accelerate and elevate your company success.


Our consultants have similar professional and educational backgrounds as those of generalist strategy consulting firms, but with a significant advantage: their expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship, and their ability to anticipate the next HR trends.


Our focus enables us to provide culture-centric strategies for ultimate growth.

There’s nothing more important in an organization than the people who work in it. Designing strategies and tangible actions to attract and retain top talent is crucial for every sustainable business. Technology is moving at a very fast pace and we have an obligation to keep investing in our stakeholders.

Let’s keep enhancing The Human Factor, together.

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