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Artificial Intelligence Recruitment


The H Factor established a recruitment partnership on April 2018 with an artificial intelligence startup founded in 2016, based in Paris. The company has developed a cutting-edge platform that allows developers to build complex, scalable and reliable enterprise-grade chatbots, fueled by conversational Artificial Intelligence.

After receiving substantial funding, the startup had the resources required to grow its team to take the company to the next level. The founders trusted The H Factor to be their partners in this exciting mission, by helping them recruit key roles including a Marketing Manager, a Strategic Partnerships Manager, a Full-stack Engineer, a Machine Learning Engineer, as well as a Growth Hacking intern.

Artificial Intelligence Recruitment

Case details

Client name:
Technology - Machine Learning - Chatbots - SaaS
Paris, France
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What client say

One of their priorities was to find a Marketing Manager. For a highly specialized tech company, in addition of the required marketing experience and skills, being tech-savvy and understanding the chatbot and artificial intelligence industry was a big plus.

It was fundamental for the company that the candidate had B2B marketing and strategy experience in the digital sector, ideally with SAAS products. It was also necessary for the person to be a business-oriented profile, with excellent communication and writing skills for both business and technical audiences. Experience with social media and the ability to drive awareness and customer engagement was also required, as well as fluent French and proficient English. The combination of the marketing, communication, social media, business, technology and industry expertise constituted and very specific and in high-demand profile. The candidate needed to find attractive taking on the challenge of a leadership role within a tech startup of recent creation, so understanding what the company could offer in terms not only of compensation but also concerning career development was key.

Understanding not only the needs, but also the stage that the company was in, what it could offer, the projects they were working on and their successes so far, was key for attracting candidates, both for managerial and technical roles. Regarding the Marketing Manager role, the candidate we provided met the requirements of marketing strategy experience in the digital sector, including with SaaS products. Not only that, but had also experience leading marketing and communication in startups, one of them offering an Artificial Intelligence SaaS product.

After a thorough recruiting process, the company hired one of our candidates, which was an excellent fit.  She had the combination of the hard and soft skills they were looking for, and the specialization in SaaS products, business, technology and even Artificial Intelligence understanding. For the candidate it also meant an interesting challenge as a leader and an upgrade in her career, as she was comfortable and had work with tech startups before. We continue to be partners with the company to date, as they are still on the lookout for highly specialized and tech-oriented talent.

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