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The H Factor accompanied the young Chilean branch of a multinational tech company headquartered in Switzerland in its transition from a start-up to a medium-sized company through change management and organizational design practices.

The branch was created in 2012. It reached over 30 employees only 4 years after its creation. The small team from its initial days was made of passionate tech experts, leaders in their field. Over its first years of existence, new opportunities arose with key actors from various industries and countries in the region, requiring the team to grow at a fast pace. They fed new ambitions to become a key regional player in Latin America.

Case details

Client name:
Santiago de Chile
Surface Area:
12 months
Organizational Design & Change Management

The young branch was growing at a fast pace, and employees had a hard time understanding their role and responsibilities within the organization, which led to an overall lack of ownership, reduced performance and a low team morale.

Operational performance was highly dependent on individual know-how as  there was virtually no standard processes and no performance measurement system.

Senior management spent most of their time overseeing daily operations and doing trouble shooting, rather than designing the company strategy, influencing the group strategy, and developing the company presence in Latin America.

The objectives of the project were the following:

  • Design and implement a new organizational structure that would foster employees’ empowerment and happiness at work, as well as organizational effectiveness
  • Align process maturity with organization’s development stage
  • Free up capacity at Senior Management level
  • Implement an effective and performance management system
  • Define a positive company culture and engage employees

The project was deployed in two phases:
1) Organizational Redesign and 2) Organizational Change.

The purpose of the Organizational Redesign phase was to define and formalize the organizational model. This involved creating a new structure, defining key operational processes, formalizing roles and responsibilities and identifying the main areas impacted by change.

The objective of the Change Phase was to implement and ensure an effective yet smooth transition towards the newly defined organization. This involved the creation of effective internal communication and training plans, generating compelling training and onboarding materials, implementing KPIs and a steering committee, and organizing a team building event.

The project led to the implementation of new functions geared towards improving the customer experience, increasing operations efficiency and boosting sales. Employees reported a higher level of satisfaction at work, and Senior Management got significantly more time on their hands to get involved in the group strategy, spearhead the expansion into the Latin American market and act as inspiring leaders. The changes brought to the organization and culture translated into positive team dynamics, stronger orientation results and the acquisition of significant new clients in Peru.

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