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The H Factor partnered in March of 2018 with one of the most well-known startups specialized in Influencer Marketing in Spain for recruitment purposes. The company, founded in 2013, has now a beautiful office in of Madrid’s top neighborhoods with more than 60 employees.The growing startup offers acomplete set of tools for developing and managing profitable influencer marketing campaigns. They provide their clients with a platform that measures social performance (Software as a Service) and also develop ad-hoc influencer marketing campaigns. They work with leading brands from the Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle and Food &Beverages sectors.

The company is currently undergoing an ambitious international expansion into new European markets. Hiring talented Sales Executives and Business Developers was paramount to the success of this phase. The H Factor partnered with the company in the recruitments of Sales Account Executives and Junior Business Developers for their core activities on the Spanish, French, UK and Italian markets


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Case details

Client name:
Technology - Influencer Marketing
Madrid, Spain
Surface Area:
Indefinite - 4 Successful Positions Filled

What client say

The company needed to find talent abroad as the Sales Account Executives are based in their respective target market. Compensation and contractual expectations had to be adjusted for each market, and differences in working culture and communication styles needed be taken into consideration to attract the best international talents and secure a positive candidate experience.

To be successful in their role, Sales Account Executives candidates need to have a solid sales track record, an interest in Social Media and a good knowledge of the Fashion and Lifestyle sectors. They also need to be willing to work remotely, which requires autonomy, a great sense of responsibility, and the availability to travel frequently to the Headquarters.

The company’s hiring priorities shifted over the course of the recruiting processes, which required great flexibility, agility and effective communication between the hiring company, the H Factor and the candidates so as to optimize success and maintain a positive candidate experience.

The H Factor provided candidates with the required sales experience, language skills and sector knowledge, but also a great fit with the company culture and values (a strong team spirit, a “work hard, play hard” attitude, a positive energy and “can-do” attitude, and a shared interest in Social Influence, fashion, lifestyle and technology).

Cultural fit had been one of the company’s main challenges in previous recruiting processes. For the Sales Account Executives positions abroad, we identified candidates that on top of the required hard skills had demonstrated their ability to work independently, and the versatility required to work with different sectors.

The company hired the Spanish Sales Account Executive withina month of collaborating with the H Factor, and hired 3 additional candidates within the next 4 months: aSpanish Sales Account Executive, a Sales Account Executive for the UK market, an international Business Developer and a French Junior Business Developer.

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