Engaged Workplace: Why is it important?

Engaged Workplace: Why is it important?

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What is an engaged workplace?

In short, it means that your employees are engaged with the company and its activity. An engaged workplace is stellar at reinforcing employee engagement.

Having engaged employees means that they are connected to the company or brand that they work for; they are willing to invest their time and efforts into the future of the company. 

Some benefits of having engaged employees include:

  • Shared values: They are more involved in fulfilling the company’s vision and mission, as it is something they also feel passionate about.

  • More committed: your employees are less likely to leave the organization, which subsequently contributes to your ability to retain talent.

  • Ambassadors for their organization:  they are proud to work there, therefore word of mouth will soon get around. Consequently, this will contribute to bringing in more business and improving the company’s reputation. This is also great for attracting top talent!

  • Take responsibility for their contribution. They are enthusiastic about their job, they feel satisfaction when they contribute towards the general objectives.

In all, engagement is beneficial for both sides. It improves the employees’ experience and performance, and since after all employees are what make a company it improves company performance.

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What can you do to improve engagement at your company or organization?

Here are a few tips from HR experts:

  • Introduce a coaching culture. Coach relationships between employees and managers, focus on helping them improve performance and aid in their professional development.

  • Assure the company’s goals and values are aligned with each individuals’ daily priorities, interests, and talents. Sharing the same values is a powerful motivational driver.

  • Guarantee that recognition and appreciation are shown for hard work and achievements that move towards the company’s objectives. Encouragement allows them to grow in their career.

  • Make employees feel like they belong. This means investing time in their wellbeing, letting them know that management cares, treating them equally by allowing them to be part of decision making, and complete transparency by assuring they will be the first to know about the ongoings at the company amongst other things.

Lastly, make sure engaging your employees isn’t just a one-off event a few times throughout the year. It should become a part of the company culture.

For great examples check out the 50 most engaged workplaces of 2018 as ranked by Achievers here! They look at elements such as Leadership, Communication, Professional and Personal Growth, Company Culture, and Vision and Values amongst other things.

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