Fundamental Leadership Practices

Fundamental Leadership Practices

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What makes a good leader? There is no perfect recipe for a great leader, they are human after all. However, there are a few traits and habits that can help you improve your leadership skills. The H Factor has gathered some important practices for effective leadership.

Look for your role models for the year

Even the most successful people have role models that inspire them. Surrounding yourself by people who inspire positivity and boost your motivation can help you grow and improve continuously.

Choose role models that align with the goals you have set for the year. They will help you focus and pave the way to achieving them. A little inspiration can go a long way, and it can also be contagious!

Delegate responsibilities with Trust

You have to know when to give up your control of certain tasks or responsibilities. One person is only capable of so much, the team you’ve built around you is there to support you. Your employees should be hired because you trust them to do their job.

Traits like micromanaging can have negative effects on your employees – leading them to believe that you don’t value their capabilities or trust them to effectively carry out responsibilities.

Lead by example

Actions speak louder than words. This phrase has never been so precise! A “do as I say” attitude without demonstrating it yourself won’t help you earn a good reputation amongst your team. A great leader always leads by example, if you put into practice the actions you expect others to do it will earn you respect and loyalty.

By taking action you will inspire your team, making it easier for people to follow your lead.

Be goal-oriented

Instead of thinking about the problems or inconveniences that could arise, think about the goals you want to achieve. Focus on the outcome by planning strategically and effectively in order to reach a deadline or objective.

This also means knowing how to prioritize your goals, ensuring the most urgent and important tasks and responsibilities are dealt with first. There are many techniques that help with prioritizing, such as the Eisenhower Matrix. By using a simple template, you can organize your tasks by priority, ranging from 1-4, highest to lowest according to each one’s importance and urgency.


Projecting confidence to the rest of the employees is key to being an effective leader. This characteristic may not come naturally to everyone, but it is something we can all work on and improve over time. Demonstrating belief in yourself will encourage the people around you to believe in you too, helping to build trust in your capabilities.

Actions that can aid you in developing your confidence can be practicing positivity, evolving self-awareness – knowing your strengths is always a confidence booster, celebrating wins – not only yours but your teams too, look confident – your physical appearance can say a lot about you.

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