HR Trends for 2019

HR Trends for 2019

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HR Trends 2019

Keeping up to date with the latest HR trends at The H Factor is important to us, we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate so we can provide the best possible service.

After scouring the web we’ve got together some of the biggest trends that have cropped up in 2018 and that we will most likely be seeing more of in 2019.

1. People matter

importance of people in business

Generally in HR, most practices begin with the needs of the organization or company. However, this year we have seen a shift towards the importance of the employee’s individual and collective needs.

As we have seen in some of our recent Office Spaces posts, many companies are redesigning their spaces based on the needs and well-being of their employees. From recreational areas, canteens or coffee break rooms to diverse working spaces. Whether employees enjoy working alone or in company there is a space for everyone. Open space desk areas in which to encourage better communication or private individual rooms for meetings with clients or those moments when you need concentration and that touch of creativity.

It’s clear that companies are altering their outlook. Instead of thinking about what new employees can learn from the organization, they are asking what employees can bring to the organization. Recognizing each individuals’ talents and unique skills.

2. Use of technology for hiring

HR Trend 2019 technology in recruiting

It’s estimated that in 2019 30% of companies will use technology during the hiring process in order to eliminate unconscious bias.

The goal is to make sure there is complete inclusion around ethnicity, culture, gender, age, and LGBT individuals. As mentioned before, corporate culture is evolving, focusing on things like increasing diversity and improving workplace culture.

There is also a rise in AI being incorporated into the recruiting process. Used in parts such as the scanning of resumes. This reduces one of the most time-consuming tasks in HR. Usually, these systems are programmed to find the CV’s that best fit the requirements of the job position. They search for specific keywords related to the description.

There’s no doubt that technology in the HR sector is here to stay. It will continue to improve and grow within the industry. With increasing demand for technology in the workplace, we will be seeing plenty of innovation in this area in 2019.

3. Employee engagement

HR trend 2019 engagement in the workplace

This concept refers to the employee’s commitment, emotional connection, and involvement in their organization. Employees are looking to feel that they provide value to the company – thus increasing the employee’s dedication and enthusiasm as they feel they are truly contributing to something important. They want a company with a more inclusive and transparent culture, which provides a platform where anyone, no matter their position in the organization, can express their thoughts and issues.

Another initiative related to improving employee engagement is corporate wellness. Companies are striving to provide a healthy workplace culture in order to reduce stress and better employee mental health. Innovating by creating new wellness apps incorporated into internal communications and using actions such as daily mindfulness meditation are a few examples.

Many companies that work to improve their employee engagement see a higher amount of employee retention, productivity, and performance. At The H Factor, we offer services that help improve corporate well-being and employee engagement through tailored events.

4. Generation Z

HR Trend 2019 Generation Z

A new generation that is entering the workplace. This group is composed of what is known as digital natives, as they have grown up in an Internet-centric society.

It’s estimated that this generation will constitute 36% of the workforce by the year 2020. This means companies are finding themselves in a race to attract the best digital native talent. The expectations of this generation differ greatly from past ones. They are a very socially active group, who value actions that contribute to the well-being of society. This makes them very purpose-orientated, looking for companies whose values align with their own. They also expect the workplace to have all the necessary and latest technology and software.

5. The importance of coaching

HR Trend 2019 in career coaching

According to a recent study from the International Centre for Leadership Coaching, the reality is that most managers don’t understand what coaching really is. Therefore, aren’t applying it effectively in the workplace.

The millennial generation, who are now the largest segment of the workforce together with Generation Z, value coaching and feedback from their managers. So, how can we develop the next generation of leaders?

These digital natives have grown up with the constant feedback we see on the internet. And they expect the same at work! They want regular check-ins to track their progress, to feel appreciated for their work and to receive the constructive criticism they need in order to improve professionally and grow within the company.

As we mentioned before, organizations are realizing the importance of people within their structure, turning their focus onto what each individual can contribute. This means it’s more important than ever for managers and leadership positions to adapt and personalize their training methods, tailoring to individual needs, improving interpersonal communication and helping with the development of personal competencies.

To sum up, this year we will continue to a surge in the importance of “people” in an organization, a continuing increase in the use of technology and a change in corporate culture caused by the arrival of a brand new generation.

In order to recruit and retain new top talent, many companies are being faced with an organizational transformation. Many will have to rethink their structure and invest in HR solutions and technology.

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Author: The H Factor

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