Most Sourced Skills in 2019

Most Sourced Skills in 2019

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What are the most valuable skills in the market this year? The digital world is progressing with continuous speed and making waves within all industries. A lot the most sourced skills are inevitably going to be related to the digital movement. However, that doesn’t mean everything will be digitalized. With so much technology, human skills are also gaining value amongst recruiters.

So, if you’re thinking about brushing up your CV here are some of the skills you should definitely look into learning or improving!

Soft Skills

soft skills in 2019

As we saw last year soft skills are rapidly gaining importance in the eyes of recruiters. These skills can be seen as fairly basic. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone has them. They are often the key when it comes to differentiating one candidate from another, even though they possess the same qualifications. They are very valuable assets that will never become obsolete.

So, what kind of values are we talking about?

  • Creativity: in a time where many processes are becoming automatic, companies are looking for creative employees. People with the capacity to be bold and imaginative in order to continue innovating.

  • Collaboration: teamwork skills are now a requirement in most industries, employers expect employees to be team players. The ability to collaborate with your fellow colleagues is an important skill to harness. 

  • Flexibility: your capacity to adapt and deal with any situation. An essential ability to have in a faced paced and sometimes stressful environment.

  • Time management: this involves the skills you have to manage and organize your time correctly. Making sure you are capable of completing activities before essential deadlines.

Hard Skills

hard skills in 2019

These skills are more technical and quantifiable than soft skills. In this day and age, they are often more focused on the digital world. This also means that as the digital environment grows and innovates, many new technological skills appear alongside them. For example, with the growing popularity in voice recognition products, we are seeing more demand for people with expertise in computing and audio production.

Some of the most sourced hard skills at the moment include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: there has been a rapid increase in the search for AI-related skills. It’s a factor that will have an effect on all industries, with new jobs emerging all the time. This skill englobes a variety of job roles, such as Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, and Computer Vision Engineer.

  • Cloud computing: a lot of our information is taking the leap into the “cloud”. This new technology means organizations are looking for professionals who dominate this area in order to keep up with the times.

  • UX Design: user experience design, these professionals are in charge of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the accessibility, usability and the overall enjoyment people get when using a digital platform or service. It’s an era where companies are fighting to retain their users.

  • Translation: thanks to digital communication we are all connected at a global level. The ability to speak more than one language is a big plus on anyone’s resume.

  • Data Scientist: it was the number one profession in 2017 according to Glassdoor, and its demand is still growing. Organizations are looking for people capable of understanding and analyzing the immensity that is Big Data.

  • Animation: we are a very visual society, so it’s no surprise that this skill is on the list. With videos and GIFs taking over the internet and changing the way we choose to receive information; digital animation is key.
  • Digital Marketing: the continuing growth of digital platforms and the fact that everyone is connected through them means that businesses can’t miss out. Any business strategy in 2019 has to take the digital world into account.

These are just some of the skills that organizations are on the lookout for in 2019. It’s pretty clear that technology is having a large impact on the job market. It will most likely continue to do so in the future!

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