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Organizational Transformation

In order to survive and thrive, organizations must adapt to new challenging times and follow an organizational transformation process. Getting a greater understanding of how your organization works will help you spot which dynamics and variables need change for a better organizational performance.


Organizational transformation or die. – The H Factor

With the H Factor, you will have the chance to measure the need and type of organizational transformation approach for your company. The goal is to conduct an intervention that is focused, sustainable and able to deliver measurable results.

We have 3-step process to transform your business:


The first step of the process, is to seat with you and analyze the current state of your company and assess what we can do for you. During this phase, we will take advantage of our cutting edge and innovative diagnosis tool.


Once we have a project scope, we will build a consulting plan for you to tackle your current paint points and we will think of


During and once the mission is done, we will have an evaluation system to gather your feedback so we can start implementing it right away in an agile way and anticipate tentative roadblocks.

Our seasoned management and organizational consultants offer proven track records in the areas of change management, employee engagement, business process improvement, organizational assessment, high-performing teams and executive coaching.

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